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CEASEFIRE is the leading international NGO developing civilian-led monitoring of violations of international humanitarian law and human rights in armed conflict. CEASEFIRE monitors violations and secures reparations for civilians harmed in military operations, including in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and South Sudan,

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Reparations for Ukraine: An international route map

To bring justice to Ukraine’s civilians and enable them to rebuild their lives will require reparations. But while firm progress has been made on... read more

16.06.2022 • By CEASEFIRE Centre for Civilian Rights

Global resurgence of siege warfare traps civilian populations on the...

A resurgence across world regions of the tactics of siege warfare has trapped civilian populations at the frontlines of today’s battles, finds a... read more

31.03.2022 • By CEASEFIRE Centre for Civilian Rights

In Iraq’s disputed territories, lawless militias dictate civilians’...

In Iraq’s disputed territories, government-funded militias are having a destructive impact on governance, economic life, and community relations,... read more

31.01.2022 • By CEASEFIRE Centre for Civilian Rights

UK compensation bill for civilian harm in Iraq and Afghanistan reaches...

The compensation bill for civilians harmed in UK military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan has now reached £32 million, according to a new... read more

01.12.2021 • By CEASEFIRE Centre for Civilian Rights